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Bocconi S. A conceptual architecture for wiki-based learning processes in the area of argumentation. Bocconi S, Trentin G (eds.). Hauppauge, NY, USA: Nova Science Publishers Inc., 2012.
The chapter addresses the potential of wiki technology for enhancing the processes of argumentative knowledge construction. In these processes learners engage in collaborative discourse activities by constructing arguments and counter-arguments, in order to acquire knowledge (Weinberger and Fisher, 2006). The importance of argumentative knowledge construction for both Higher Education and Life-Long Learning lies in its very nature; in order to engage in academic discussions, learners need to be able to argue rationally, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of other people's standpoints, and supporting their own positions with adequate grounds. Acquiring such competencies is of particular value for becoming active, enabled participants in current society, where knowledge is a major resource and is often the result of a collaborative effort. An experimental study to evaluate the effectiveness of the use of wikis in the collaborative processes of argumentative knowledge construction is described. The experimental outcomes confirm the potential of wikis to effectively favour both the creation of a rich argumentative network and the quality of individual argumentative acts. A conceptual architecture (WikiDiA - Wiki for Dialogical Argumentation) for wiki-based learning processes in the area of argumentation is also proposed.
Subject wiki-based learning, informal learning, argumentation

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