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Earp J., Bocconi S., Sarti L. Activity report of the Share.TEC/CKBG study day. Technical report ITD RT 08/11, 2011.
Many recent initiatives in the field of Open Educational Resources (OER) have been concerned with the role that resources can play in constructivist-oriented learning processes, both formal and informal. Re-examining the function of Learning Objects (LO) within a constructivist perspective necessarily entails more expressive representation languages, i.e. languages capable of capturing contextual, social and pedagogical information, and also of capturing characteristics related to activities, processes, roles and learning environments. The study day reported here was designed as an opportunity to explore these issues from both theoretical and practical perspectives, drawing on experiences gained not just within Italy but also internationally. An interrelated objective was dissemination of the Share.TEC project among key Italian educators, practitioners and academics involved in the field of Open Education Resources. In this respect the study day represented an opportunity for gaining insight into the pedagogical dimension of OER, seen from a variety of perspectives; the aim here was also to derive tangible input for pedagogical support in the Share.TEC portal
Subject open educational resources
teacher education

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