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Jeffrey E., Bocconi S., Sarti L., Oddone C. REPORT ON SHARE.TEC DISSEMINATION WORKSHOP A. SOBRERO TECHNICAL SCHOOL - CASALE MONFERRATO, ITALY. Share.TEC - SHAring digital REsources in the Teaching Education Community. Project report ECP-2007-EDU-427015/Share.TEC - D1.10 - Appendix#7, 2011.
This document briefly reports on a dissemination workshop carried out by ITD on 13th January, 2011. The workshop was held at a secondary school called "l'Istituto Tecnico "A. Sobrero" (http://www.sobrero.it/ - only in Italian). The school is located in the town of Casale Monferrato (AL) in north-western Italy. It offers applied technical and technology courses, as well as a science-oriented lyceum course. The workshop was attended by 20 teachers of various subjects in the humanities, sciences and technical/technological domains. ITD was represented by Jeffrey Earp, Stefania Bocconi and Cristina Oddone.
Subject risorse educative digitali, formazione docenti

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