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Bartolomé A., Bergamin P., Persico D., Steffens K., Underwood J. Foreword - Self-regulated Learning in Technology Enhanced Learning Environments: Problems and Promises. In: "Self-Regulated Learning in Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments: Challenges and Promises" Stellar-Taconet Conference, Barcelona, October 1, 2010, Universitat de Barcelona. Editorial, article n. 1. A. Bartolomé, P. Bergamin, D. Persico, K. Steffens, J. Underwood (eds.). Shaker Verlag, 2011.
Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) is the process through which individuals control their own learning from a cognitive, meta-cognitive, behavioural, emotional and motivational point of view. SRL requires an important interdisciplinary set of competences which has increasingly gained attention in the past couple of decades because it leads to better learning and it helps people to cope with the challenges of life-long learning. Today it is important for individuals to find ways of coping with the explosion of information and knowledge. While the field of SRL has been widely and deeply investigated, at least from the point of view of educational psychology, there is a strong need to better understand the interplay between SRL and Technology Enhanced Learning (Greene & Azevedo, 2010; Schraw, 2007) because the latter has profoundly changed and is posing special challenges to the way we learn and live. It is on these grounds that the Targeted Cooperative Network on Self- Regulated Learning in Technology Enhanced Learning Environments (TACONET), a community of researchers interested in this subject, was founded in 2004 and, after a number of years, keeps attracting new scholars. TACONET organizes regular conferences allowing its members to exchange ideas and discuss their research results.
Subject Self-Regulated Learning
Technology Enhanced Learning Environments

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