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Windrum C., Joubert M., Barak N., De Vries F., Persico D., Pozzi F., Lindstaedt S., Ullmann T., Duval E. Report on community building with Stakeholders. Report on community building. Deliverable Deliverable D5.3.2, 2011.
The STELLAR consortium aims to unify the leading institutions and projects in European Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in a Network of Excellence (NoE). As part of this, it aims to reduce community fragmentation by bringing together the key stakeholders in European TEL and stimulate ongoing knowledge exchange between them. Work package 5 has stakeholders' capacity building exactly as its focus and it aims to reach out and engage with a variety of stakeholders and to work towards greater coordination, development and implementation of a research agenda that bring benefit to all. This document provides the second annual report of WP5 direct involvement with stakeholders in pursuit of the objectives of the STELLAR NoE. It provides an overview of WP activities and reflects on progress and cooperation with stakeholders across the various tasks that are integral to the operation of the WP (as outlined in the DoW). In so doing, it assesses as to which extent WP5 has progressed in external capacity building during Y2, and defines strategic directions for Y3 towards the achievement of WP objectives as defined in the DoW.
Il wp5 della rete di eccellanza STELLAR ha l'obiettivo di coinvolgere i principali stakeholders interessati alla ricerca nel settore del TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning). Questo deliverable riporta le proncipali azioni intraprese a tal fine nel secondo ano di STELLAR e i risultati fin qui conseguiti.
Subject stakeholders
community building

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