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Benigno V., Tavella M. Percorsi di ddattica inclusiva con l'uso delle TIC: il progetto AESSEDI. In: Tecnologie Didattiche, vol. 1 pp. 12 - 18. Menaḅ, 2011.
The educational context is a principal place to prevent social exclusion and to provide opportunities for active participation in all spheres of life for all people with special needs. The main purpose of the school system is to promote the participation of all students in the processes of learning and skills acquisition. In this paper will be presented a pilot study aimed to the design and testing in the classroom learning paths based on the use of multimedia technologies implemented in a logic of full inclusion of people with special needs. The learning paths are the result of a collaborative work between different stakeholder i.e. curricular and special teachers. The development of the learning paths was supported by a web-based AEsseDI environment which represented a scaffolding for the teachers through a series of indicators, giving aid to reflect on issues of inclusion.
Subject Inclusione, ICT, Percorsi di apprendimento

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