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Chiappini G. The role of technology in developing principles of symbolical algebra. In: CERME7 - Seventh Conference of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (Rzeszow - Poland, 9-13 Febbraio 2011). Proceedings, pp. 429 - 439. Pytlak M., Rowland T., Swoboda E (eds.). University of Rzeszow - Poland, 2011.
With a significant percentage of students, the current teaching of algebra is unable to develop skills, knowledge and forms of control that are necessary to fully master this domain of knowledge. The difficulties of teaching and learning are due to epistemological obstacles rooted in the development of the Symbolical Algebra and explained in the work of Peacock, during the 19th century. The article shows the role of AlNuSet system, particularly its two environments named Algebraic Line (AL) and Algebraic Manipulator (AM), in the conceptual development of two principles developed by Peacock that underlie the development of the Symbolical Algebra.
Subject Algebraic learning, Alnuset, Symbolical algebra

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