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Pettenati M. C., Svab M., Benigno V., Repetto M., Calvani A. Supporting inclusive learning design through the e-PEI online counseling system. In: International Conference ICT for inclusive learning: the way forward (Firenze, 10-11 novembre 2011). Proceedings, pp. 167 - 172. Francesca Ugolini, CNR-IBIMET, Italy Vasilis Tsipidis, Euracademy Association, Greece (eds.). Euracademy Association - The European Academy for Sustainable Rural Development Empedocleous 17, 11635, Athens, Greece, 2011.
In this paper we present e-PEI, a Web-based online counseling system intended to support educators of students with special needs. More specifically we target homebound students i.e. students permanently or temporarily confined at home/hospital due to illness or disability. The objective of e- PEI is thus twofold: 1) allows sharing of instructional design experiences, experts' advices and knowhow in inclusive learning design through the elicitation of tacit knowledge and the support of procedural knowledge; 2) it aims at scaffolding the stakeholders in education of all grades in designing inclusive learning experiences availing of the experts know how provided by the system. e-PEI is a Drupal-based collaboration and content management environment
Subject instructional design, homebound, online counselling, special needs education.

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