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Benigno V., Mangione J., Repetto M., Capuano N. WIRING INDIVIDUALIZED SPECIAL EDUCATION: MULTI-PERSPECTIVE AND PERSONALIZED ACCESS TO A KNOWLEDGE HUB. In: ICT for inclusive learning: the way forward (Firenza, 10-11 novembre 2011). Proceedings, pp. 128 - 133. Francesca Ugolini, CNR-IBIMET, Italy Vasilis Tsipidis, Euracademy Association, Greece (eds.). Euracademy Association - The European Academy for Sustainable Rural Development Empedocleous, 2011.
This paper focuses on the difficulty that educators and stakeholders meet to access information, resources as well as formal and informal learning initiatives for homebound people (HBs). An HB is a person who is confined to his/her home (or to specific institutions such as hospitals) usually by illness or disability, since going out requires a considerable effort and the support of specific aids or people. This contribution describes the initiative carried out by the WISE Project to design and develop a system which bridges HBs' educational needs with information, resources, initiatives and tools that fit with them.
Subject Homebound, International Classification for Functioning, Knowledge Hub, User Modeling, Special Needs Education (SEN).

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