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Dagnino F. M., Tavella M. ICT resources and language learning: results of a survey on the actual use of ICT in teaching Italian as a second language. In: International Conference ICT for language learning: 4 th Conference Edition (Firenze, 20-21 Ottobre 2011). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 6. Pixel (ed.). Simonelli Editore, 2011.
The role of technologies in teaching and learning a second language is widely recognized and a variety of ICT applications is also available for supporting the teaching of Italian L2; nevertheless, a specific research focus on the actual diffusion and use of ICT is still lacking. This paper reports data on the use of ICT tools in the field of the teaching of Italian as L2 to immigrant students in compulsory education. We tackled this issue by carrying out a survey within a sample of Italian primary and lower secondary schools. This paper aims to report on current teaching practices in the field of teaching Italian L2, and pays special attention to the use of ICT tools. In particular, the survey was aimed to assess whether and how software products are currently used and also to understand which specific software products are used and which are the teachers' feelings as to their potential, effectiveness, strengths and weakness. We actually collected 63 questionnaires from a casual sample of schools from three Italian regions; the schools were selected on the grounds of immigrant students distribution. The results of the survey account for the teachers' positive attitude towards the use of ICT tools in the field, but also show their moderate use. This fact appears to be mainly due to logistic difficulties (e.g. unavailability of pc labs) and, possibly, to the lack of specific teachers' information and training on the existing ICT resources and their adoption in school contexts. The latter factor, though, was not always explicitly declared by responding teachers. The research findings provide helpful hints for a more widespread and effective use of ICT tools, for future specific teacher training actions and for the design and development of more sound and effective tools
URL: http://www.pixel-online.net/ICT4LL2011/common/download/Paper_pdf/SLA47-469-FP-Dagnino-ICT4LL2011.pdf
Subject Language learning
ICT for education
Immigrant student

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