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Alvino S., Trentin G. Fostering NCL in higher education: new approaches for integrating Educational Technology Instructional Design into teachers' practice. Anders D. Olofsson & J. Ola Lindberg (eds.). Hershwy, PA, USA: IGI Global, 2011.
Networked Collaborative Learning (NCL) is undeniably a double-edged sword. On the one hand it can yield high-quality learning and enhance both teachers' and learners' satisfaction. On the other hand, however, it requires careful planning and specific skills for the design and management of online learning activities. This is one of the main reasons for the limited adoption of NCL in a number of educational contexts. The focus of this chapter is a specific proposal aimed to foster the wide diffusion of Educational Technology (ET) and NCL in higher education (HE). In this perspective the chapter analyses the main barriers that limit the diffusion of Network-Based Educational Technology (NBET) approaches, in particular NCL, and then, in order to overcome them, presents an innovative approach to faculty training in Educational Technology Instructional Design. This approach is founded on multidimensional scaffolding, which support teachers to integrate rules, heuristics and best practices for design of active and collaborative online learning into their everyday activity.
Subject networked collaborative learning
instructional design
teacher's practice

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