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Persico D., Pozzi F. Task, Teams and Time: Three Ts to structure CSCL processes. Pozzi F., Persico D (eds.). Hershey, New York: Information Science Reference, 2011.
This chapter advocates the idea that the structuring techniques generally used to support students in online collaborative activities can be described in terms of three main dimensions, that we call the "three Ts": Task, Teams and Time. The chapter presents an explorative study, aiming to investigate the differences between the behavior of three groups of students performing activities based on three techniques which differ as to the levels of structuredness of Task, Teams and Time. While the first group was not given instructions on how to structure the work, the second group was given some hints about the need to use some kind of structure and the third group had precise instructions as to how to proceed along the Task, Teams and Time dimensions. The chapter presents the authors' reflections about the effects of these techniques based on qualitative analysis of students' reactions to the way the three activities were structured.
Subject Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), Collaborative techniques, Strutture sociali

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