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Manca S., Vanin L. Models and Strategies to Support Students' Initial Socialization in Web-Based Learning Environments. Francesca Pozzi, Donatella Persico (eds.). Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference, 2011.
Entering a learning system based on CSCL models may be a challenging experience. Beginner users are required to accomplish several tasks for the first time, such as learning to communicate by written discourse in an asynchronous manner, as well as becoming familiar with communication technologies and with the learning system. In order to support their initial steps several measures, which focus mainly on socialization with peers and instructors/tutors and familiarization with the learning system, may be adopted. The focus of this chapter is to present a model and some related strategies to support students' initial socialization and familiarization in web-based learning environments. Such strategies have been developed and implemented by the authors over several years of experience as designers and instructors in graduate and post-graduate courses in Italy.
Subject CSCL
The OP&S model
Guidance program

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