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Pozzi F., Persico D., Fischer F., Hofmann L., Lindstaedt S., Cress U., Rath A., Moskaliuk J., Weber N., Kimmerle J., Devaurs D., Ney N., Goncalves C., Balacheff N., Schwartz C., Bosson J., Dillenbourg P., Jermann P., Zufferey G., Brown E., Sharples M., Windrum C., Specht M., Boerner D., Glahn C., Fiedler S., Fisichella M., Herder E., Marenzi I., Nejdl W., Kawase R., Papadakis G. Trends in Connecting Learners. First Research Technology Scouting Report. STELLAR. Deliverable WP1. D1.2. STELLAR. Deliverable D1.2, 2010.
Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) is an active, interdisciplinary research area in which technologies are developed and applied to support and to change current learning practices. The advent of the social Web 2.0 and open-source software is seen to be the main enabling factor for self-directed, collaborative and informal learning practices. Roadmaps and vision documents serve an important role in shaping the immediate or more distant future of TEL. Various stakeholders have published such documents in the past two years. Research in TEL is carried out in order to reach the envisaged goals; vice versa the goals change due to progress in research. TEL is not just a research area: e-learning takes place at universities, companies and other institutions, as well as at home. These practices are evolving due to the availability and take-up of platforms and tools. In this first STELLAR trend report we survey the more distant future of TEL, as reflected in the roadmaps; we compare the visions with trends in TEL research and TEL practice. This generic overview is complemented by a number of small-scale studies, which focus on a specific technology, approach or pedagogical model.
URL: http://oa.stellarnet.eu/open-archive/search?resource=3057_v1&back=%2Fopen-archive%2Fsearch%3Findex%3D10%26search%3Dpozzi%26orderBy%3Dtitle%26type[]%3Dpublication%26search_button%3DSearch
Subject TEL, challanges, connecting, orchestrating, contextualising

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