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Bocconi S., Earp J., Sarti L. Half-year progress report #5. Sharing Digital Resources in the Teaching Education Community (eContentplus programme - ECP-2007-EDU-427015/Share.TEC). Deliverable D1.9, 2010.
The reporting period included a number of relevant achievements. All the products developed so far were fully integrated into the workspace (the "Share.TEC portal") and finalized, and four deliverables (deliverables nos. 13bis, 22, 23, 27) were published. The most important result for this period is the further development of the pilot version of the Share.TEC portal with the multilingual interface, additional social networking functionalities and a critical mass of real TE resources integrated. Initiatives for involving end-users included (but were not limited to) the third project workshop, the organisation of the final project exhibition, and a new version of the dissemination kit. Significant results have also been achieved to make the system sustainable.
Subject project management
teacher education

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