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Bocconi S., Earp J., Sarti L. Half-year progress report #3. Sharing Digital Resources in the Teaching Education Community (eContentplus programme - ECP-2007-EDU-427015/Share.TEC). Deliverable D1.5, 2010.
This six-month period of the project was mainly devoted to activities ensuing from the release of the first system prototype in M12. This led the way to initial validation and testing with end users, as well as further development work towards the production of the system pilot. At the Second Project Workshop in Dublin in July (M13), a group of users and stakeholders from partner countries and across Europe tested the system prototype. Results provided input for changes to the user interface. Testing and validation activities also continued in-house. The initial prototype release has undergone further development throughout the report period as it progresses towards the second stage of evolution, namely the pilot system due for release in M24. Important preparatory work has been performed which will pave the way towards implementation and integration of advanced functionalities in the pilot: adaptivity and personalization study; metrics study and definition of the recommender system requirements. Significant groundwork has been done in preparation for the full-scale indexing of partners' digital resources in accordance with the CMM. Dissemination efforts intensified during the report period, particularly with increased participation of consortium members in major national and international conferences (papers and presentations), refinement of dissemination materials, retuning of the project website, etc. The Second Project Workshop held in Dublin during M13 gave strong impetus to dissemination and awareness of the project, thanks in part to the participation of key players and representatives in the TE field.
Subject project management
teacher education

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