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Bocconi S., Earp J., Sarti L. Annual Report #2. Sharing Digital Resources in the Teaching Education Community (eContentplus programme - ECP-2007-EDU-427015/Share.TEC). Deliverable D1.7, 2010.
Share.TEC has undertaken to build an advanced user-focused system that aggregates metadata describing TE-related digital resources located Europe-wide. The system aims to offer personalized, culturally-sensitive brokerage for the retrieval of relevant digital content and to nurture a more Europe-wide perspective among those working in and with the TE community. As well as generally pursuing its objectives as set out in the Description of Work throughout Year 2, the consortium also targeted its efforts on a series of realignment actions. These were specifically devised as a suitable response to the findings of the First Intermediate Review (EC evaluation) and the project's internal Year 1 Evaluation Report. The most important of the realignment actions regarded greater end-user involvement to ensure acceptance of project results (especially portal & services); significant enhancement of the system from prototype to pilot, ensuring it is capable of meeting user needs; steps to set up a network of user communities; measures to ensure a suitable balance between quantity and quality of items available in the portal. The actions taken in each of these cases are reported in Sections 5 and 7, while a detailed report listing each evaluation finding and the corresponding actions is contained in Deliverable D1.6.
URL: http://www.share-tec.eu/content/1/c6/04/41/02/D1_7Annual_report_2.pdf
Subject project management
teacher education

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