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Lavagnino E., Bocconi S., Earp J., Sarti L. SHARE.TEC: a terminological approach to Teacher Education. In: GLAT - GLAT LISBOA 2010 "Multiculturalism and the role of specialised languages" (Lisboa, Portugal, 17-19 05 2010). Proceedings, pp. 75 - 84. GLAT-Groupe de Linguistique Appliquée des Télécommunications (ed.). GLAT, 2010.
This contribution falls at the intersection between the fields of terminology and the sharing of information in a multicultural context, with particular reference to the field of Teacher Education (TE). The Share.TEC project aims to develop services to support the sharing and reuse of digital resources among European TE practitioners; it addresses a number of problems related to multicultural differences, such as the organization of the various national education systems, or differences in TE approaches and practices. To help users draw inspiration from and possibly reuse diverse digital resources, Share.TEC addresses the reality of pluralism in TE terminology and the coexistence of diverse TE organizational systems and settings across Europe.
Subject teacher education

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