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Chiappini G., Robotti E., Trgalova I. Role of an artefact of Dynamic algebra in the conceptualisation of the algebraic equality. In: CERME 6 - Sixth Conference of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (Lyon, France, 28th January-1st February 2009). Proceedings, pp. 619 - 628. V.Durand-Guerrier, S.Soury-Lavergne, F.Arzarello (eds.). INRP, Institute National de research Pédagogique, 2010.
In this contribution, we explore the impact of Alnuset, an artefact of dynamic algebra, on the conceptualisation of algebraic equality. Many research works report about obstacles to conceptualise this notion due to interference of the previous arithmetic knowledge. New meanings need to be assigned to the equal sign and to letters used in algebraic expressions. Based on the hypothesis that Alnuset can be effectively used to mediate the conceptual development necessary to master the algebraic equality notion, two experiments have been designed and implemented in Italy and in France. They are reported in the second part of this paper
URL: http://www.inrp.fr/publications/edition-electronique/cerme6/wg4.pdf
Subject Alnuset
Semiotic mediation
Algebraic equality

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