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Alvino S., Bocconi S., Earp J., Sarti L. Ontology and Metadata Models: release versions. Sharing Digital Resources in the Teaching Education Community (eContentplus programme - ECP-2007-EDU-427015/Share.TEC). Deliverable D2.3, 2009.
This deliverable describes the components that together comprise the semantic layer of the Share.TEC system, namely the Teacher Education Ontology (TEO), the Common Metadata Model (CMM) and its multicultural extension, the Multicultural Metadata Model (MMM). The first versions of TEO and the CMM were reported in Deliverables 2.1 and 2.2 respectively. This document describes the release versions of both components, as well as the work undertaken in their further development, especially their extension to meet project requirements for a Share.TEC system that is multilingual and multicultural in nature. In addition, an outline is provided of how the semantic layer relates to overall system architecture and what affordances it is expected to yield in terms of services.
URL: http://www.share-tec.eu/content/1/c6/04/41/02/DEL2_3Finalreleaseversion.pdf
Subject ontology
metadata model
teacher education
digital content

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