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Pozzi F., Persico D. Structured activities in CSCL: a case study. In: SFC-2009 - Scripted vs. Free CS Collaboration: Alternatives and Paths for Adaptable and Flexible CS Scripted Collaboration (Rhodes, Greece, 8-13 June 2009). Proceedings, pp. 19 - 23. International Society of the Learning Sciences, 2009.
This paper is rooted in the CSCL research field and aims to contribute to the open debate on how much an instructional designer should scaffold a learning activity with prescriptions, rules and procedures to be followed by students, as opposed to set up environments for "free collaboration". By analyzing three online activities with different levels of "structuredness" (namely a Discussion, a Role Play and a Jigsaw) as they had been proposed within two online "twin" courses, it is possible to make some interesting reflections as far as the potential of each activity to foster the participative, the social, the cognitive and the teaching dimensions of the learning process.
Subject CSCL
learning activities

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