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Ott M., Pozzi F. Exploring the "new" learning landscape: which added values for the "new" learners?". In: EDULEARN09 - International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies (Barcellona (Spain), 6-8 July 2009). Proceedings, pp. 3751 - 3759. IATED (International Association of Technology, Education and Development), 2009.
The paper sketches a picture of the new learning landscape where, the "new learner" who is at the centre of the learning process, is surrounded by a number of new or even "augmented" learning opportunities that he can grasp if and when needed. These new opportunities are available for him thanks to the possible interactions with and among the other elements populating the emerging learning landscape: the "new tools", the "new pedagogical paradigms" and the "new teachers". Accordingly, the new role that teachers assume in this panorama, is briefly outlined, in the conviction that the pedagogical choices made by teachers and the overall pedagogical approach they adopt may represent a true, concrete value to widen the learning opportunities and improve learning. At the core of the paper the potential of ICT tools to enhance learning opportunities and boost learning achievement is discussed, by drawing on different concrete educational experiences.
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