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Delfino M., Dettori G., Persico D. Self-regulated learning in virtual communities. In: Technology, Pedagogy and Education, vol. 17 (3) pp. 195 - 205. Taylor & Francis Group, 2008.
This paper investigates self-regulated learning (SRL) in a virtual learning community of adults interacting through asynchronous textual communication. The investigation method chosen is interaction analysis, a qualitative/quantitative approach allowing a systematic study of the contents of the messages exchanged within online communities. The results of this study consist of data on SRL-related events that took place during two subsequent learning activities, aiming to understand if any facet of SRL was privileged over the others. These events were coded according to an original taxonomy of SRL indicators distinguishing between the three cyclical phases of SRL (planning, monitoring and evaluation), between cognitive and metacognitive versus motivational and emotional aspects, as well as between actions carried out at individual or social level. This approach provides data which reflect the evolution in time of the investigated aspects.
DOI: 10.1080/14759390802383785
Subject Computer supported collaborative learning
Educational technology
Virtual communities
Content analysis
Interaction analysis
Teacher education
Self-regulated learning

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