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Alvino S., Forcheri P., Ierardi M. G., Sarti L. Describing learning features of reusable resources: a proposal. In: International Journal of Social Sciences, vol. 2 (3) pp. 156 - 162. WASET, 2008.
One of the main advantages of the LO paradigm is to allow the availability of good quality, shareable learning material through the Web. The effectiveness of the retrieval process requires a formal description of the resources (metadata) that closely fits the user's search criteria; in spite of the huge international efforts in this field, educational metadata schemata often fail to fulfil this requirement. This work aims to improve the situation, by the definition of a metadata model capturing specific didactic features of shareable learning resources. It classifies LOs into "teacher-oriented" and "student-oriented" categories, in order to describe the role a LO is to play when it is integrated into the educational process. This article describes the model and a first experimental validation process that has been carried out in a controlled environment.
URL: http://www.waset.org/ijss/v2/v2-3-24.pdf
Subject Learning object
Pedagogical metadata
Experimental validation

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