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Benigno V., Vallarino E. Authentic assessment : an evaluation methodology for e-learning. In: e-Learning 2007 (IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (MCCSIS 2007) (Lisbona, 3-8 Luglio 2007). Proceedings, vol. Vol. 1 pp. 459 - 466. Nunes M.B., McPherson M (eds.). IADIS International Conference Proceeding, E-Learning, 2007.
The paper presents an authentic-assessment-based approach to the evaluation of an e-learning course; this approach is particularly effective when the development of participants' capabilities is taken into account. This approach is based on the idea that an evaluation process may foster a contextual, meaningful, active and reflective learning, because evaluation activities stimulate the participants to think over their acquired knowledge and, at the same time, to experience new action strategies. It explains the theory of a social-constructivist assessment process model and several examples of significant activities are reported This approach has been adopted to evaluate the participation and the capability development of the teachers who attended the HSH@Teacher, specialistic learning process of educational use of ICT for hospital teachers provided in blended-solution.
Subject Authentic assessment, teachers in service, e-learning process

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