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Lagrange J., Chiappini G. Integrating the learning of algebra with technology at the eurepean level: two exemples in the ReMath project. In: CERME 5 - European Research In Mathematics Educatio V (Larnaca, Cyprus, 22 -26 February 2007). Proceedings, pp. 903 - 912. D.Pitta -Pantazi &G.Philippou (eds.). CERME, 2007.
The ReMath project is a European project that addresses the task of integrating theoretical frames on mathematical learning with digital technologies at the European level. A specific set of six dynamic digital artefacts (D.D.A.) is currently developed, reflecting the diversity of representations provided by ICT tools. Here weconsider two D.D.A.s related to the learning of algebra a) the 'Cassiopee - calculator of functions' developed by a French team, b) ALUSNET, a set of closely integrated components (Algebraic Line, Symbolic Manipulator and Cartesian Plane) by an Italian team. The two D.D.As are developed for students at upper secondary level. The two teams share a common concern that secondary students generally lack of proficiency in algebraic representation. They start from a common analysis of students' difficulty in algebra. They nevertheless reflect specific orientations and decisions with regards to algebraic representations, students' algebraic activity and the help that technology can provide.
URL: http://www.erme.unito.it/CERME5b/WG6.pdf
Subject ReMath

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