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Ott M., Tavella M. E/M Learning Tools in the Inclusive Classroom. In: INTED 2007 - International Technology, Education and Development Conference (Valencia, Espana, 7-9 March 2007). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 8. Iated, 2007.
ICT tools have already proved to be effective means to empower learning and to support education; more recently, new frontiers seem to be opened by the educational use of mobile technologies. A reflection is proposed on the central role that e/m learning tools nowadays play in mainstream classroom education. The specific learning activities that can be effectively supported by such tools are investigated and a tentative answer is given to the question regarding whether, to what extent and how the use of such new tools may affect classroom dynamics. Evidence is also provided that e/m learning tools may support the idea of "inclusive" classroom; they can, in fact, effectively contribute to the full inclusion of those students who, due to personal problems (namely health problems, family concerns, migration etc…) cannot regularly attend their classes.
Subject E-learning
Students with disability
Distance education

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