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Dettori G. Narrative Learning Environments and Mobile Learning: A Good Relationship?. In: Beyond Mobile Learning Workshop Kaleidoscope Mobile Learning SIG (Dublin, Ireland, 14-16 July 2007). Proceedings, pp. 8 - 11. I. Arnedillo-Sanchez, M. Sharples, G. Vavoula. Kaleidoscope, 2007.
Narrative can be a powerful aid for learning since it supports meaning making and is a natural form of expression at any age. Narrative Learning Environments (NLE) make use of meaningful stories to facilitate learning. The technology used is one of their characterizing aspects, together with the role of the user and the educational approach. This paper investigates what kind of NLE can be realized for mobile learning. A point in favour of a positive synergy is the fact that mobile learning lends itself to the creation of informal learning environments, where the use of narrative appears very natural. Some attention is in order, however, since the use of mobile technology can also lead the student to produce descriptions and chronicles, not only stories. These do not offer the same educational potential of narrative and hence give rise to different kinds of learning experiences.
URL: http://mlearning.noe-kaleidoscope.org/repository/Beyond%20Mobile%20Learning%20Book%20Proceedings%2011.1.07.pdf
Subject Narrative
Narrative learning environments
Mobile technology

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