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Manca S., Delfino M. Learners' Representation of their Affective Domain through Figurative Language in a Web-Based Learning Environment. In: Distance Education, vol. 28 (1) pp. 25 - 43. Taylor & Francis Group, 2007.
This study investigated how the participants of an online learning course employed figurative language to express their emotions and feelings during the learning experience. Textual analysis was carried out in the social and metacognitive discussion areas as those related to the expression of the social dimension. Its aim was to analyze the distribution of figurative language across the course, to understand if figurative language elicited the creation of new figurative language, and to classify recurring types of conceptual categories. Results show that figurative language use increased in coincidence with crucial, social events; it did not necessarily encourage the production of further figurative language; and it allowed participants to represent their affective domain and to conceptualize the learning environment in an original manner.
DOI: 10.1080/01587910701305293
Subject Web-based learning environment
Affective domain
Figurative language
University education

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