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Earp J., Ott M., Pozzi F., Tavella M. School inclusion in the era of e-Learning 2.0: is myth becoming reality?. In: Scottish Online Journal of e-Learning, vol. 1 (1) pp. 90 - 100. SOJEL, 2007.
The paper addresses the issue of school inclusion, focusing on the strong potential that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) offer to all students, including those who, for a variety of reasons, cannot regularly attend classes and/or cannot access and use mainstream educational tools. An explanation of the basic concepts underpinning the term "inclusion" is given, and a reflection is proposed about the new possibilities on offer in the so-called era of e-learning 2.0. The major changes demanded of those school systems that are willing to make widespread use of ICT tools are also brought to light. The provocative question in the title remains open, but some new directions are outlined that could help to capitalise on the opportunities offered by new technologies and to support the full inclusion of all students in mainstream education systems
Subject Web 2.0
E-learning 2.0
School inclusion
Special needs

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