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Pozzi F., Manca S., Persico D., Sarti L. A general framework for tracking and analysing learning processes in computer-supported collaborative learning environments. In: Innovations in Education and Teaching International, vol. 44 (2) pp. 169 - 179. Taylor & Francis, 2007.
This paper describes a method for analysing the learning processes that take place in a computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) environment. The approach is based on tracking the interactions between learners and tutors. Keeping track of meaningful events serves three main purposes: evaluation of the quality of the process, monitoring students' performance in real time and the assessment of individual learning performances. The results can be of benefit to course designers, tutors/instructors and researchers involved in collaborative learning experiences. The method is based on a five-dimensional model that includes a participative, an interactive,a social, a cognitive and a teaching dimension. Each dimension can be analysed through a set of indicators obtained by tracking course participants' behaviour within the learning environment. Examples of significant indicators, drawn from the literature and the authors' field experience, are discussed for each dimension. The paper also proposes a taxonomy of the data needed to obtain the described indicators. Finally, possible directions for further research are outlined.
DOI: 10.1080/14703290701240929
Subject Tracking
Learning processes

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