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Artigue M., Bottino R. M., Cerulli M., Mariotti M. A., Morgan C. Developing a joint methodology for comparing the influence of different theoretical frameworks in technology enhanced learning in mathematics: the TELMA approach. In: 17th ICMI Study on Technology Revisited (Hanoi, Vietnam, 3-8 December 2006). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 8. ICMI, 2006.
This contribution deals with the work of the European Research Team TELMA (Technology Enhanced Learning in Mathematics) of the Kaleidoscope network towards understanding the role played by theoretical frames in design and research in that area, and building tools to improve communication between researchers from different cultures. We present two facets of TELMA work: a 'cross-experimentation' project in which each TELMA team experimented with an Interactive Learning Environment (ILE) for mathematics designed by another team; and the design of a methodological tool for systematic exploration of the role played by theoretical frames in the design and analysis of uses of ILEs. We focus on the methodological dimension of this work, showing how we employ the construct of didactical functionalities as a means of comparing and integrating the research conducted by the teams. We provide some preliminary results of the joint experiment and use of the methodological tool.
Subject Mathematics learning
Digital technologies
Theoretical Frameworks

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