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Bocconi S., Dini S., Ferlino L., Ott M. Documenting the eAccessibility of educational software: supporting informed choices for a more inclusive classroom. In: m-ICTE2006 - Current Developments in Technology-Assisted Education: IV International Conference on Multimedia and Information and Communication Technologies in Education (Sevilla, Spain, 22-25 November 2006). Proceedings, vol. III pp. 2029 - 2033. FORMATEX, 2006.
This paper deals with the problem of providing and disseminating information about the accessibility features of educational software products. Its ultimate aim is to support educational actors in choosing tools that facilitate the inclusion of pupils with disabilities into everyday classroom activities. It focuses both on the type of information to be conveyed and on the way to do so, and, more precisely, it seeks to answer the question: "In the field of educational software what kind of information about accessibility features is actually needed by potential users and how should it be delivered"?
URL: http://www.formatex.org/micte2006/pdf/2029-2033.pdf
Subject eAccessibility
Educational software
Universal Access

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