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Midoro V., Bocconi S., Pozzi F., Repetto M. Towards a Common European Framework on teachers' profile in ICT for Education. In: WCCE 2005 - 8th IFIP World Conference On Computers In Education: 40 years of computers in education, what works? (Cape Town, 4-7 July 2005). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 7. WCCE, 2005.
This paper focuses on the professional profile of a digitally literate teacher, able to act in the school of the knowledge society. Designing this profile is one of the main aims of UTEACHER, a project carried out in the context of the European e-learning initiative. The knowledge society requires radical changes in educational systems. However educational change is a lengthy and in-depth process and long term objectives and strategies have to be defined. Long term objectives envisage a school focused on learning, ICT based learning environments, educational systems strictly linked to their local and global environments, different roles for teachers, and the born of teachers' communities of practice, as arenas for pedagogical knowledge management and professional development. In this evolving scenario what are the new functions of the teachers and what are the competences required to fulfil these functions? Teachers play a crucial role in innovating the learning processes taking place in the classrooms (pedagogical function). They should also be deeply involved in innovating school organisation. Moreover they are more and more requested to share their knowledge in participating in communities of practice, which are conceptual forums where their knowledge is made explicit, shared and developed. In all these areas teachers have to be able to take full advantage from an effective use of ICTs. Summing up, the competences of a good teacher acting in the knowledge society entails four main areas: 1) Pedagogy, 2) School organisation, 3) Participating in the teachers' community and 4) continuous professional development. In all these areas teachers have to be able to use ICTs effectively. Related to the Pedagogy the main competences pertain to the ability to develop, use and maintain learning environments embodying ICT to enhance learning. As to school organisation, teachers school become able to define the educational offer, to contribute to the evolution of the school organisation to fulfil the requirements posed by the knowledge society. As far as the involvement in the life of the communities of practices in which they are involved, teachers should be able to participate, cooperating, sharing and producing knowledge, being able to fully exploit the possibilities offered by the ICT. Finally teachers have to become lifelong learners both in the context of their communities of practice and taking advantage of the offer made available by the context in which they operate and live.
Subject Teacher training
Teacher professional profile
Communities of practice
European e-learning initiative

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