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Demetriadis S., De Jong T., Dettori G., Fischer F., Giannetti T., Van Der Meij J. An introduction to the concepts and methods for analyzing the interaction between learner's internal and external representations in multimedia environments. Kaleidoscope "Interaction between Learner's Internal and External Representations in Multimedia Environments". Deliverable D21.1.1 State-of-the-art Report, 2004.
In this chapter we set the conceptual framework for the analysis of the interaction between learner's internal and external representations. To do so we present and discuss some major theoretical issues in the field, including properties and dimensions of representations, theoretical views that guide our current understanding on how to make efficient use of external representations (such as computational effectiveness, dual coding and cognitive load theory), cognitive models of multimedia learning, functions of multiple representations, problems and types of student's support when using multiple representations, and the use of external representations in collaborative learning. In the concluding section an overview in the form of a table can become a useful tool for designers and instructors to analyze and self assess the use of representations in their instructional multimedia systems.
Subject Internal and external representations
Functions of multiple representations
Cognitive models of multimedia learning

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