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Dettori G., Forcheri P. Fostering prospective teachers' abilities of learning to learn within an ICT preparation course. In: CELDA 2004 - International Conference on Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age (Lisboa, Portugal, 15-17 December 2004). Proceedings, pp. 91 - 98. Kinshuk, D. G. Sampson, P. Isažas (eds.). IADIS, 2004.
In order to cope successfully with life-long learning it is necessary to be able to learn autonomously, effectively and efficiently, and to be aware of one's motivations and needs. This entails becoming self-regulated learners. Based on a wide analysis of the literature, we worked out a methodological framework to devise practical activities implementing the control abilities generally accepted as the basis of self-regulation (control of cognition, behaviour, motivation and volition) and at the same time the key processes of the socio-cognitive approach (self-observation, self-evaluation, self-reaction), together with favourable context conditions. We experimented our methodological framework in a teacher preparation course aiming to foster abilities of self-regulated learning along with knowledge acquisition on ICT. This paper presents: our methodological framework, examples of the activities we worked out to implement it, considerations on the role of ICT to help structure a favourable environments, and comments on the obtained results
Subject Self-regulated learning

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