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Rossi M., Sarti L. Playing tough and tender:tutoring strategies in a university master. In: 2ème Colloque TICE Méditerranée: L'humain dans l'enseignement en ligne (Nice, France, 26-7 November 2004). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 3. TICE, 2004.
This contribution describes the Master in Traduzione Giuridica Specializzata (Specialized Legal Translation), an initiative of the Foreign Language Faculty of the University of Genoa, with particular reference to the organizational and educational model embraced by the tutoring team. After a general description of the master, the roles involved in the tutoring activities are discussed, in the framework of a learning model based on identity construction. A few problems that emerged are presented, in relation with the specific approach and measures the tutors adopted. Some considerations are proposed that could address those problems that are still open.
URL: http://isdm.univ-tln.fr/PDF/isdm18/56-sarti-rossi.pdf
Subject Tutoring role
Tutoring strategies
Team teaching

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