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Bottino R. M. The evolution of ICT-based learning environments: which perspectives for the school of the future?. In: British Journal of Educational Technology, vol. 35 (5) pp. 553 - 567. Wiley, 2004.
This paper briefly outlines the evolution of ICT-based learning environments discussing some of the main aspects that have characterised such evolution (eg, technological evolution, changed cognitive and pedagogical frameworks, changed role assigned to ICT-based systems in education). The objective is to point out how the implementation of innovative learning environments, based on advanced technology, is the result of the strict interrelation between educational and cognitive theories, technological opportunities and teaching and learning needs. In this paper some indications for current and future evolution are evidenced. Reference is made to an ICT-based multi-environment system that supports teaching and learning activities in the domain of arithmetic problem solving at compulsory school level.
DOI: 10.1111/j.0007-1013.2004.00413.x
Subject ICT-based

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