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Bottino R. M., Chiappini G. An innovative teaching and learning environment for school mathematics. In: T.E.L.'03 - International Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (FAST, Milano, Italy, 20-21 November 2003). Proceedings, pp. 73 - 80. (Informatica & Scuola). Associazione Amici di Scienze dell Informazione e Hugony Editore, 2003.
The paper presents the main characteristics, the background reference, and educational aims of an innovative teaching and learning environment designed and implemented for promoting arithmetic problems solving skills in children of compulsory school. The project is partially funded by the European Community Research and Development Project ITALES "Innovative Teaching and Learning Environments for Schools" (IST 2000-23356). The research addresses a sector (that of arithmetic problem solving) which has always proved difficult for children and in which traditionally teachers find major problems about the pedagogical approach to follow. Problem solving is normally seen as an individual activity. The student's role is to solve the problem, while the teacher is there to assist the student in performing this task and provide educational mediation. In the system here presented these roles are remodelled by the system's action and communication possibilities and, as a consequence, are transformed. The overall aim of our work is to study how new technologies, if inserted in suited contexts, can contribute to the construction of innovative learning environments that can enhance teaching and learning processes and can also change traditional approach to school teaching.
URL: http://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-00190486/en/
Subject Didactic of mathematics
Problem solving
Computer based learning environments

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