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Dettori G., Forcheri P., Molfino M. T., Moretti S., Quarati A. Shaping teacher preparation content according to emerging pedagogical paradigms. In: ICCE2002 - International Conference on Computers in Education (Auckland, New Zealand, 3-6 December 2002). Proceedings, vol. II pp. 1044 - 1048. Kinshuk, R. Lewis, K. Akahori, R. Kemp, T. Okamoto, L. Henderson, C.-H. Lee (eds.). IEEE Computer Society Press, 2002.
We describe the main lines of a teacher preparation model aiming to help teachers experience the opportunities and difficulties of using ICT (Information and Communication Technology) as a means for encouraging students to learn from and with peers. Based on our experience with in-service and pre-service teachers, we firstly discuss the levels of competence to be achieved by trainee teachers, putting them in relation with the training objectives. Then we introduce our model, and discuss the results of an experiment on the practical applicability of our ideas. With our work we intend to contribute to define innovations to be introduced in ICT training to support teachers in understanding how, and under what conditions, technology can support the emerging pedagogical practices that emphasise learner-controlled learning.
DOI: 10.1109/CIE.2002.1186146
Subject Teacher training

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