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Bianchetti P., Bocconi S., Sarti L. A methodology for joint design, co-operation and decision-making for on-line collaborative learning. In: Interactive Educational Multimedia, vol. Anno 2000 (1) pp. 1 - 10. University of Barcelona, 2000.
Processes of on−line collaborative learning generally take advantage of platforms offering communication dedicated environments, which henceforth we shall call virtual conferences or, simply conferences. Each of these environments is characterized by a specific pragmatic and communicative function. Therefore, participants, who are sometimes split into groups, may happen to communicate within different areas of activity. Besides a conference dedicated to socialization (i.e. one−to−one and one−to−many communication, concerning project topics, or for introducing tutors and learners and their interests), they can find conferences for engaging in discussions about specific topics or participating in the collaborative production of project texts (Midoro, 1998). Generally speaking, electronic mail can be seen as a suitable tool for supporting on−line training courses; nevertheless, communication management should be carried out using specific products, which offer actual advantages in terms of accessibility, information handling and ease of use (Manca, Persico, Sarti, 1998). Among the many different products now available on the market, one of the most commonly used in on−line training courses is SoftArc FirstClass . This CMC (Computer Mediated Communication) software package is based on the BBS (Bulletin Board System) model and offers a hierarchically structured work environment. Learners are given the possibility to access one or more discussions and, through messaging activities, contribute to their development. This is done within an organized, structured and tutored context. In this paper we wish to describe the experience undertaken within the European Netschool project, focusing on our effort to provide the CMC environment of FirstClass with specific tools and methodologies for on−line co−decision.
URL: http://www.ub.es/multimedia/iem/down/c1/Collaborative_Learning.pdf
Subject Design
Decision making
Online learning

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