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Benigno V., Trentin G. On-line/On-site education: the EDIT course for the educational use of telematics. In: Journal of Information Technology for Teacher Education, vol. 7 (3) pp. 347 - 361. Triangle Journals Ltd, 1999.
The applications of network technology to pre-service and in-service teacher training are wide in scope but may nevertheless be grouped into two broad categories: the network as a source of assistance (or self-help) for teachers during the classroom transfer of knowledge which they have gained on an on-site training course; and the network as an environment where the training process actually takes place. This article describes the study of a mixed on-site/on-line approach adopted for a training course called EDIT (EDucating with Internet and Telematics); the topic of the course itself was the use of the Internet to support teaching. The distinguishing feature of the approach used is the alternation between complementary on-site training and on-line activities.
DOI: 10.1080/14759399800200047
Subject E-learning
EDIT course

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