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Midoro V., Trentin G. What makes a hypermedia a learning tool. In: Multimedia Systems for Higher Education (Sozopol, Bulgaria, 29 May 1997). Proceedings, pp. 34 - 42. R. Pavlova (ed.). MMG Laboratory, Technical University of Sofia, 1997.
This paper describes the key ideas and the architecture of an interactive learning system designed and implemented at Istituto Tecnologie Didattiche to assist students in the learning of a given subject matter. In this system the student is offered a pool of learning material pertaining to a given subject and the learning is a kind of reflective conversation with materials. This learning material, developed on the basis of a suitable knowledge representation, embodies various learning strategies. The student can choose to navigate through this material with or without guidance from the system. At any given moment, the student can ask the system for a diagnosis of his/her knowledge state. Communication facilities are availablefor students to send messages to their peers or teachers about the subject dealt with by the system.. Authoring facilities allow students to take personal notes and produce multimedia documents.
Subject Adaptive learning system
Assisted learning
Learning assessment
Data base
Knowledge representation

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