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Percoco G., Sarti L. On the usage of graphics in ICAI system. In: AI-ed - European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in education (Lisbon, Portugal, 30 September - 2 October 1996). Proceedings, pp. 312 - 318. Colibri, 1996.
The paper elaborates on the issues associated to the authoring of graphic presentation of instructional contents. On the basis of contributions from a variety of fields, including cognitive psychology, semiotics, instructional science and communication theory, the perceptual and cognitive processes involved in the comprehension of representative pictures are explored, in order to determine the optimal setting for parameters relevant in the development of iconic material: the communication capabilities of graphic objects can be exploited by proper tuning of their visual attributes, and the graphic properties of the presentation significantly affect the achievement of predetermined learning goals. The paper explores the topics of visual communication basics, visualisation principles, the usage of colour and the representation of time and motion. A set of guidelines is presented that supports the courseware author in optimising the educational effectiveness of the graphic product. Those guidelines can be partially formalised in a knowledge base for inclusion in intelligent tutoring and authoring systems. Further considerations are made about the requirements that such an approach poses on the system architecture in terms of knowledge needs.
Subject Education

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