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Chioccariello A., Culotta Leccioli N., Oreste C. Four Steps to the Right. A. Di Sessa , C. Hoyles , R. Noss (eds.). (Nato Asi series. Series F, Computer and systems sciences, vol. 146). Berlino: Springer, published in cooperation with NATO scientific affairs division, 1995.
To introduce children to Logo graphics commands, we have developed a simplified turtle environment. This computer microworld has evolved along with our understanding of the learning process. It provided us with input, in terms of specific "errors" to understand, and it also provided an engaging learning experience for the children. This paper reports evidence that the difficulties encountered by six year old children when describing movement using a "turtle" frame of reference might be explained in terms of conflicting conceptualizations of space. While some "bugs" do require time to be overcome, a rich and redesigned computer environment, supported by appropriate instructional activities, will enable children to solve these problems at their own pace.
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