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Caviglia F. WordProf: an atelier for the apprentice writer. In: European Conference about Information Technology in Education: a Critical Insight (Barcelona, Spain, 3-6 November 1992). Proceedings, pp. 73 - 82. TIE - Tecnologia, Informaciņ, Educaciņ. Universitat de Barcelona, 1992.
WordProf is a courseware for the development of text-production strategies in writers who already master basic writing skills (age 12-18). This paper briefly outlines the educational assumptions behind WordProf: these assumptions lead to enhance a standard word processor with features designed for teaching use, without restricting the flexibility of the writing tool. Three educational facilities illustrate the outcome of this approach: a Library of texts to imitate, an Assistant that guides the student to perform some writing activities, a Gym to train the student into some reading and writing skills. In conclusion some educational and technical assumptions of WordProf are put into consideration again, face to the new trends in the development of commercial word processors.
Subject Education

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