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Ferraris M. Information Technology in the Italian school system: some problems and perspectives. In: European Conference about Information Technology in education: a critical insight (Barcelona, Spain, 3-6 November 1992). Proceedings, pp. 31 - 51. Congrés Europeu T.I.E, 1992.
The introduction of IT into the Italian school system has been accompanied by great hopes and occasional disappointment. The National Plan for Informatics, addressed to students in the 14 to 16 age-group, has achieved remarkable results but has fallen short of its intended qualitative goals. Great expectations now surround the plan's impending extension to language subjects. No national project has so far tackled primary school (the 6 to 14 age-group), although there have been numerous initiatives obtaining positive results. The overall situation remains restricted and uneven but experiencing steady growth and transformation. This article seeks a) to describe the course followed for the introduction of IT into basic education, analyzing national or local examples and setting them in perspective against features that characterize the Italian educational system; and b) to examine signs of innovation, problems and prospects emerging from this scene.
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