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Midoro V., Chioccariello A., Olimpo G., Persico D., Sarti L., Tavella M. Interactive video and Artificial Intelligence: a convenient marriage. In: Programmed Learning and Educational Technology (PLET), vol. 25 (4) pp. 299 - 309. Kogan Page, 1988.
This paper describes the theoretical framework of a research project aimed at exploring the new potentialities for instructional systems offered by videodisc technology and artificial intelligence methodologies and techniques. In the context of this project, 'Earth', a prototype of ITS, is being developed, which embodies the ideas presented. In an instructional system, interaction can be characterized by three properties: adaptivity, reactivity and flexibility. The existing interactive systems are adaptive and/or reactive. Flexibility is a new dimension of interaction allowed by videodiscs. In a flexible system the user explores a multi-media database of educational material and learning is a consequence of this exploration. In the paper, we briefly describe some of the major development problems and discuss how AI techniques provide a means to prevent the user from getting lost in the learning material.
Subject Artificial Intelligence
Interactive Video

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