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Ferraris M., Midoro V., Olimpo G. Diagnostic testing and the development of CAL remedial sequences. In: Computers & Education, vol. 8 (4) pp. 407 - 414. Pergamon Press, 1984.
A methodology for designing and implementing automatized diagnostic testing associated with remedial CAL sequences has been presented. This methodology is based on a hierarchical model of subject matter which provides ordered relationships among the various levels of student knowledge. The test handling strategy is designed to supply detailed information about student achievements minimizing the student workload imposed by the test. The central idea is that, in a hierarchically organized subject matter, the evaluation of the achievement of a topic gives information about the achievement of subordinate topics. So the test administration is not strictly predetermined but depends on the actual student knowledge. After the test a CAL remedial environment can be provided: different entry points and different paths may be automatically chosen by the system on the basis of the test results.
DOI: 10.1016/0360-1315(84)90014-9
Subject Education

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