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Grossi V., Rapisarda B., Falchi C. SoBigData - Periodic dissemination and impact report and plan for following year 1. SoBigData Research Infrastructure Social Mining & Big Data Ecosystem. Deliverable D3.4, 2017.
This first periodic report includes the description of dissemination and impact activities undertaken and scientific papers published, as well as the planning for the second period. Furthermore, It describes the efforts to be made to reach as wide an audience as possible, and the multiple strategies employed by the consortium. This deliverable covers a time period starting from December 2015 (M4) to February 2017 (M18).
URL: http://https://goo.gl/mxCaqw
Subject Dissemination
Scientific publications
Impact activities
Big data
Social Mining
H.2.8 DATABASE MANAGEMENT. Database Applications

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